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Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, the Law Office of Colleen E. Zitman represents clients throughout the five boroughs and Long Island. The Law Office of Colleen E. Zitman is primarily focused in the area of family law. Whether you are seeking a divorce, mediation, or simply need an attorney to review an uncontested divorce filing, the Law Office of Colleen E. Zitman brings extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customizes support to your individual needs and concerns.

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Areas of Practice

Custody and visitation

There is nothing more important than your child. But to be successful in a custody proceeding requires more than legal knowledge - it requires a detailed understanding of your child, your family dynamic, and how your parenting choices advance your child's best interest. The Law Office of Colleen E. Zitman provides the personal attention, supportive counsel and aggressive advocacy you need to prevail.

Orders of protection 

An order of protection - also known as a restraining order - is a time-sensitive matter requiring immediate attention. There are two types of Orders of Protection: Temporary and permanent. These orders can be obtained in Supreme or Family Court, based on certain relationship requirements. If you fear for your or your child's safety, contact the Law Office of Colleen E. Zitman immediately to discuss your case further. 


A divorce is often one of the most emotionally painful experiences in one's life. Whether the divorce contentious and seeks to divide assets and determine custody, or is uncontested, it represents both the legal and emotional severance of a relationship.  Colleen E. Zitman assists clients with compassionate and comprehensive representation, while at the same time protecting your legal rights. Whether you are considering filing for divorce, pursuing mediation, or are seeking to proceed as unrepresented party in an uncontested divorce proceeding, the Law Office of Colleen E. Zitman will ensure that you don't lose out on anything you deserve.

Child support

In New York, child support is based on statutory guidelines, which the court may deviate from in certain, narrowly-defined situations. Whether you are looking to establish child support, enforce a prior child support order, or are worried that the court will force you to pay more that you can afford, do not go about it alone. Contact the Law Office of Colleen E. Zitman to get the job done right. 


When parties cannot agree, but are not contentious, mediation may be a cost-effective, successful alternative to litigation. In fact, studies show that parties who participate in mediation experience greater satisfaction with the outcome of their case, and are more likely to comply with the terms of the agreement. And - surprise! - mediation is not just for custody and divorce. Mediation can help business partners resolve business disputes, children resolve disputes regarding elder care planning for their parents, and any parties where there has been a breakdown of a prior agreement. Colleen E. Zitman is professionally trained in mediation through the Center for Mediation and Training - which offers unparalleled divorce mediation programs. Contact the Law Office of Colleen E. Zitman today to determine if mediation might work for you!




We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
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